The Best Meditation Cushions & Pillows

The Best Meditation Cushions & Pillows Meditation is a technique or practice whereby individuals focus their minds on achieving mental and emotional clarity and calm. This technique has been practiced for many years by many religions to find a path to enlightenment and self-actualization, with the benefits of relieving stress and improving overall well-being. For […]

The Best Meditation Cushions & Pillows

Meditation is a technique or practice whereby individuals focus their minds on achieving mental and emotional clarity and calm.

This technique has been practiced for many years by many religions to find a path to enlightenment and self-actualization, with the benefits of relieving stress and improving overall well-being.

For Meditation, a quiet and comfortable spot is crucial, where you can sit in a comfortable position with proper posture to enhance the health benefits. 

This is where a suitable Meditation Pillow comes in!

Why You Need a Pillow or Cushion to Meditate


Because most Meditation forms are done in a sitting position, a good pillow can provide adequate comfort and support to enhance the process and calmness of reflection.

The main reason behind a pillow for Meditation is that you need to keep a perfect posture while remaining comfortable wholly and enough pain and strain-free.

A good meditation pillow provides you with a relaxing and comfortable area to practice Meditation in a correct posture, reaping all the health benefits in the comfort of your own home.

Meditation Cushion and Pillow Types

There are a few shapes and sizes in meditation pillows that you can co; differentferent fillings are likewise used, whereas Buckwheat is one of the most popular fillings.



A small round or large round and flat Pillow creates a comfortable spot to sit on and is visually pleasing.


A large Square or small square Pillow likewise makes for an excellent Meditation Pillow.

Pillow With Mat


The Pillow with an additional Yoga mat is excellent for practicing different forms of Meditation and yoga positions.

Crescent, Heart Shape

The perfect shape for ideal support and a better posture.


Like I have mentioned, Buckwheat and natural filings and materials are most famous for yoga practice and Meditation. Who can also use other fills such as latex, Kapok, foam, memory foam, and microbeads?


Mediation and Yoga Practice initially leans towards colorful and texture-rich contours and fabric designs. However, you can find a Meditation Pillow in any color or fabric type that you prefer. Mandala prints and rich deep colors are usually most prevalent in natural and soft textures.

Picking the Best Meditation Cushion or Pillow

Here are a few essential considerations when picking the Perfect Meditation Pillow

  • Consider which postures you mainly use to meditate in, and choose a size and shape pillow to provide the maximum comfort and support for these specific positions.
  • Find a pad that allows you to sit up straight and keep a proper posture.
  • A comfortable fill such as Memory foam, Kapok, or Buckwheat is ideal for offering good support and comfort.
  • Ensure the Pillow is the appropriate density to not interfere with your positions and still provide proper support and comfort.
  • Look for durable construction and materials that can wash easily and that will last with use.

Reviews: Best Mediation Cushions and Pillows

So now let us see what is available out there;

I have tried to include as much variety when it comes to shape, fill, size, and fabric as possible, for you to make an easy and well-informed decision.

Crustal CoveBuckwheat Meditation Pillow

The Crustal Cove Buckwheat Fill Mediation pillow is an all-natural, comfortable, and easy to transport pillow ideal for Mediation and Yoga.

  • Ideal for meditation and Yoga practice of all levels and styles.
  • Modern round design with an easily washable removable cover.
  • It is manufactured from GOTS Certified organic cotton and a Buckwheat fill.
  • Easily adjustable by removing or refilling the Buckwheat hulls.
  • Supportive and heavy to be much more sturdy and durable.

Peace Yoga Zafu Meditation Pillow

A stunning Bolster Style, Crescent Meditation Pillow in a range of colors and designs for you to choose from.

  • Versatile and meticulously designed with excellent craftsmanship and durable materials.
  • Offers full support for sitting and lying on.
  • It comes with easy grab and goes handles for transportation purposes.
  • Ensures proper Spine support.
  • It is filled with all Natural Cooling Buckwheat hulls for the best balance of firmness and flexibility.
  • Zipper access for easy cleaning and adjustability.
  • A crisp and natural cotton cover in a variety of color options.

Bean Products Zafu and Zabuton Meditation Cushion Set

Bean products offer you a highly versatile and comfortable Zafu and Zabuton set, which is a meditation pillow and yoga mat in one.

  • Comfortable meditation position for all ages and sizes of individuals.
  • Offer outstanding support for proper alignment of your spine and hips while also reducing stress on your ankles, hips, knees, and lower back.
  • It is manufactured from organic cotton with a Zafu Buckwheat fill and cotton batting fill.
  • Easily adjustable and removable cover that is machine washable.

Third Eye Indian MandalaSquare Ottoman Meditation Pillow Cover


The India Mandala Print Large meditation Pillow cover is a gorgeous design used as a pillow cover on an Ottoman or Pouf for seating indoors and outdoors and Meditation.

  • Included is one versatile large pillow cover for your Pouf or Ottoman with various stunning Mandala print options.
  • Sizes at 35 X 35 Inches to fit most large meditation pillows, Ottomans, and Outdoor poufs.
  • Comfortable, soft, and durable for all uses, including Meditation.

Kapok Dreams RoundZafu Meditation Cushion

I love this beauty, around meditation cushion that is just the right size, available in so many rich color print options, filled with light and soft Kapok.

  • Features an all-natural, fully removable, and washable cotton cover.
  • Filled with Kapok, which is light, hygienic, hypoallergenic, and completely vegan.
  • Very high-quality and available in some beautiful prints in different color options.

Gaon Pillow

The Gaiam Zabuton is comfortable and supportive, allowing you the best posture and alignment in any seated position.

  • A soft and plush, comfortable meditation pillow designed for improved support and comfort.
  • Relieves pressure on your back, knees, ankles and ensures proper form and alignment during Meditation.
  • The cover is easily machine washable.
  • Durable, comfortable, and of the finest quality.

YogaAccessories Bolstermeditation Yoga Bolster

A small travel size rectangular Yoga and meditation Bolster Pillow ideal for taking to yoga and Meditation classes.

  • It is made with a 100% natural cotton cover and batting.
  • A rectangular oblong shape.
  • It has two carry handles and is easily portable.
  • It comes I rich natural color options to choose from.

Gaiam RectangularYoga and Meditation Pillow

Portable and comfortable mediation pillow from Gaiam.

  • Yoga Bolster and Meditation Pillow for relaxation and support.
  • It is made of natural cotton and cotton filling.
  • It comes with a handle strap for portability.
  • Machine washable removable cover.

My Zen Home MeditationOrganic Kapok Meditation Pillow

An all-natural Organic Kapok Filled meditation pillow from My Zen Home

  • Organic Cotton fabric cover and organic kapok fill.
  • Colorful design.
  • Square and large-sized Pillow.
  • Full Dhyana Meditation cushion.

Hubert & Quinn Meditation Buckwheat Cushion Set

  • This meditation pillow is designed with a 100% Buckwheat hull filling.
  • It comes enclosed in an organic cotton cover for Zafu meditation.
  • The cushion set is designed especially for all-natural yoga and comes in a size ideal for Meditation.
  • The body is easily removable and machine washable, as well as long-lasting.

In Conclusion

All in all, Meditation helps you to keep proper posture in a comfortable position and reduces pressure on your hips, knees, back legs, and ankles.

Finding the proper meditation pillow for you depends on your body shape and type, your comfort requirements, and your mediation levels and positions.

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